There’s More To It Than A New Coat Of Paint

Putting a coat of something on the outside of a building is a physically demanding job and can be a difficult one too.

It is not simply a case of paint. External projects can include re-branding projects, waterproofing and elastomeric coatings, pressure washing and specialty cleaning.

The business is on the up and up

During the recession, the external painting industry took a hit like everyone else. But in the five years up to 2017, the industry expanded each year.

Now the growth rate is expected to be nearly 5% annually, and the $37bn industry employs over 460,000 people in over 300,000 firms.

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Specialty companies

External painting companies who complete store front renovation newport beach ca are aware of a competitive market, do lots more than show up and paint.

You can now expect to hire a company who bids for the job, turns up on time, works to a budget and uses environmentally acceptable products.

If they don’t there are plenty of others who will – it’s a tough market today.

The key lies in flexibility

Most external painters will work on all sorts of projects, domestic or commercials. They will be able to work with stucco as easily as waterproofing and they will not care about project size.

This is to everyone’s advantage. A big job like a warehouse is great work but represents only one customer. Painting 6 houses which might take about the same time should get them six times the referrals.

Finding the good ones

Ask around to find the good ones. One referral is better than picking someone online because you like the look of their website.

A good painter will always have lots of referrals and will be happy to share them with you.